Contrast Between Blood Brothers

Contrast Between Blood Brothers

John Christensen & Thomas Zanz

July 8 - 29, 2016

Reception: July 8, 2016; 6 - 9pm

Artist and brothers Thomas and John both enjoy creating their own artwork even though they have widely different ideas and concepts.

Thomas Zanz is an American Conceptual Artist whose paintings uses a combination of words and color study. “I like using words because the mind creates images, emotions and thoughts with words”. Thomas has a bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Northern Michigan University, 1988. He currently lives with his wife, son and daughter in the great white north of Michigan.

John Christensen loves to draw portraits of everyday people. “It is exciting to draw faces and to make them as realistic as possible.” He has been drawing for 4 years now and loves to spend all of his spare time learning how to do it better. John takes a lot of inspiration from his brother who has been an artist all his life. He lives in Krum, TX.

The contrast in their art work is very different but they realize that art is always in the eyes of the beholder and that is what makes it so alive and exciting!