Contemporary Portraits

Contemporary Portraits

Portraits of 'The Others'

Nathan Madrid and Katie Murray

June 5 - 15, 2015

“The Others” refer to people that are labeled and identified to be outside of societal norms because of their differences to the aesthetic or political ideal. The portraits are meant to either embrace this presumed identity, celebrating what makes us different while highlighting the humanity we all share, or raises questions about how we categorize and place labels on people that do not fit into our ideal society.-- Nathan Madrid

This series of paintings focuses on portraits of people familiar to me. I look to the past, and present for references, and inspiration, in hopes of finding captured moments of seemingly ordinary instances in a person’s life.

The reproduced emotions are just as important as the candid expressions made by the subject. I focus on the sitter’s face and body language to lend a glimpse into their soul. I strip away the layers of the background leaving only a glimpse, thus exposing the figures to all elements of emotion instead of their surroundings.

My painting method is a mixture of reality, illustration, and expressionism. The contoured lines reveal the process, leaving the viewer’s eye to complete what’s left unfinished. The painted faces serve as a visual focal point, and a portal into the subjects’ soul and spirit. The subjects’ facial expressions reflect the depth of their collective experiences as individuals. -- Katie Murray