Constructed Painting

Constructed Painting

Friday May 3, 2013 - Saturday June 22, 2013

My work can be seen as a representation of past, present, and future. For it is adocumentation of the past, mirror of the present and portal to the future, all in one. I use abroad range of media, materials, imagery, and text to illustrate my ideas. Working in the realm" of constructed paintings and collage I've found a wide range of creative freedom, as I work both subtractive and additively, my process takes me where it will. Nostalgia and sentimentality are feelings I try to evoke in viewers, to remind them of a time when life was simple and less complicated. I use a variety of media and images to create a multitude of responses within the same work. I make work that engages the viewer through color and space and forces them to interact through interpretation.

I think you can look at the works as being personal on one level, but at the same time dealing with universal themes that most can relate with. I use memory as a direct response to modern times, either as escape to or in comment of. An experience in the present can relate directly to a memory or memories, depending on what the stimuli is and the associations the brain has made to that experience. Memory also helps in creating simulations of the future, knowing from which you came to see where you're going, it's a cross between reality and fantasy.

My work represents my particular perspective; therefore the stylistic look of the imagery I create relates to or is appropriated from childhood influences. I do however; use images with symbolic meaning to communicate on an even broader scale. This, I believe, helps the viewer interpret the work and creates multiple responses, depending on their own experiences that they bring to the work. My sentimental recollections drive the creative urge to produce work. The ideas for my paintings are born out of nostalgia.

I explore the relationships between images and text, how meaning is discovered through the combination of text and image with color, painted form and juxtaposition. The contradictions and polarities I experience both in the day-to-­day and in the process of painting help in generating ideas as well as questions, which I incorporate in my work. My paintings are diagrams of multiple ideas; this is what gives the viewer the ability to create a variety of interpretations, through their interaction with the work. I am interested in the way different images and ideas relate to or contrast one another. It's a conversation between abstraction and realism, symbolism and sentimentality. I start painting with an idea, but meaning evolves through process. Rather than holding to a fixed mental image or composition, I remain open to change as I paint. The unexpected is what keeps the painting alive. For me painting is a form of communication. An unspoken conversation between the viewer and the artist, and the process is only complete through interpretation. -- Nick Bayer