Classical Art by AraDona and Julia Stjernström

Classical Art by AraDona and Julia Stjernström

June 8 – June 29, 2012

This June, the Fort Worth Community Arts Center will host the two newest artists in Fort Worth, AraDona and Julia Stjernström. They are the new classical portrait artists in town.

AraDona and Julia met in Florence, Italy, where they lived for several years. Influenced and inspired by the great art treasures of the Old Italian Master Painters, they nurtured and grew their skills in painting while attending the Florence Academy of Art.

Julia Stjernström was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Her first classical art studies were at Atelier Stockholm. There, she received a tuition grant for the student with the greatest potential as well as for lobbying for the classical art market in the media and within the political environment. At the Florence Academy of Art, Julia won the prize for Best Drawing of the Year in 2008. The following school year she was funded by a grant from one of the board members of the school. Significant in her work is the feeling of motion in the image. Her anatomical knowledge and skill in composition reflect the strong impact the classical era has on her work.

AraDona was discovered as a young art prodigy in his hometown of Los Angeles. He received numerous recognitions and awards from different art foundations, such as Cola-Cola’s National Art of Harmony Award and California’s Art Alliance Education Award. AraDona has paintings hanging in the homes of celebrities in Los Angeles and Fort Worth/Dallas. He has been a portrait artist since the age of sixteen. He is currently working on commissions here in Fort Worth/Dallas. His style of painting the portrait is without comparison.

Today, AraDona and Julia are presenting their artworks from the time following their academic studies. The paintings were produced in Italy, Sweden and the U.S., and display a broad spectrum of genres from Renaissance-style to Nordic wildlife to the figure in Scandinavian landscapes. Also included are paintings that resulted from a unique opportunity, when the two artists were allowed to paint the dancers from the Royal Opera of Sweden. Founded in 1773, the Royal Opera is the national stage for splendid productions in ballet and opera, performed to perfection. Never before have images of these dancers been made into high quality paintings.

We invite you to enjoy a great exhibition where the skill and excellence of the artists will sweep you away to an experience of perfection!