Circus Daze

Circus Daze

Kenneth Umphrey (1936-2003)

August 8 - 29, 2014

Working primarily with acrylic on canvas, the late Kenneth Umphrey created large, colorful, and sometimes; whimsical art. Since his death in 2003, Umphrey’s art had been carefully stored away until the first public show, January 2014.

Umphrey’s colorful bull and rider, “8 Second Rule”, was selected by the Fort Worth Arts Council for the cover of ARTicle Magazine, Winter 2014. “8 Second Rule”, commemorates the First Southwestern Exhibition and Stock Show in Fort Worth 1896.

Kenneth Umphrey was born in Florida. He pursued a career in Christian leadership and development. He earned numerous degrees including Doctorate of Theology and Doctorate of Philosophy. Later in his life he pursued interests in Business and Real Estate. After relocating to Texas he was a long-time Tarrant County resident.