Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick

Georgia James Clarke, Charlotte Seifert, Julie Wende

October 7 – 29, 2016

Reception: October 7, 2016; 6 – 9pm

One piece becomes a stepping stone for another until it becomes a whole new piece. When I review a history of my art, I see evolving ideas and processes – how they have a commonality that builds one on the other. My overall fascination with lines can be seen in my figure drawings.

The “whole new piece or structure” will take a lifetime, I expect. But all the pieces represent how I have taken one small feature that fascinated me and built new works from that, whether of subject or technique.

The major pieces I am exhibiting this month have a subject matter of the traditional concepts of “Sins” and “Virtues”. (Sins – exhibited in 2014 here went on to be a finalist in the Hunting Art Competition in 2015). However, later when I was working on “Virtues”, I became fascinated with “streamers” flowing in the wind, and this led me to “Dancing Vines”, “Suspended Homes” and “Backstage Hopefuls”.

̶̶ Georgia James Clarke, 2016

Layering with paint, building reflections through remembering conversations that collide with my brush strokes, I contemplate. The pieces in this show, Brick byBrick, were inspired by events that have recently impacted me. Rescued was painted shortly after Easter. The flying birds and the lily as the trinity & the descending bird as symbol of the fallen me, I painted Rescued. The monotype,Recovery, is layered with several plates printed on top of image after image, and expresses the process of my brother-in-law’s return to health after major heart surgery. Brick by brick relationships are built, destroyed and restored.

̶ Charlotte Seifert

October 2016

Brick by brick, I'm journaling my days and years as they pass, with vibrant images of my family life and the other things that interest me. I've devoted my entire life, with a few pauses here and there, to building this colorful record and it's with genuine pride that I share my impressions.

̶ Julie Wende