Block Party II

Block Party II

November 11,2011 – December 26,2011

My suburban community is the inspiration for many of my recent paintings. My neighborhood is a stage set that is distinguished by manicured lawns and curious landscaping. My paintings portray quaint homes swallowed up by neon color fields. The style is a type of magical realism and the space is flat with an idiosyncratic perspective. I recently completed a 17 foot painting on paper of all the 29 houses on my street.

In contrast, I am compelled to make highly decorative, patterned work. In December 2005 I completed a large scale public art commission from the City of Chicago for Oriole Park Library (12 large scale paintings). Much of my work is inspired by my passion for Americana and Intuitive Folk Art. Conceptually I create my work as a series. I have explored these patterns in an ongoing series of paintings called Sailors Valentines which are based on collectables from the 1800's made out of seashells by British Sailors.

Finally, I am interested in producing fables that pose questions about abnormal psychology using images of environmental concerns. I like to create subtle yet subversive situations in my work. I am currently working on a series called Dark Planets in which each dark planet is supported by an image of redemption. The circular planet installation will consist of about 20 paintings that is roughly 20" x 20" which evolve into images of "snow balls" and "fire balls". All of these circular images will metaphorically compliment the dark planets in composition, concept, and mood.

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