July 11, 2008 – August 23, 2008

Intaglio printing is my primary medium. I am working with ideas such as repetition, multiplication and superposition and making installations with prints as a part of the space. I recycle the same set of images into different pictures, giving the work, when viewed as a whole, a narrative quality.

Before my arrival to the U.S, I was more interested in color printmaking and photo etching techniques. The experience of living in a new country gave me a new feedback and a new approach to my work, going towards a more technical simplicity, focusing it on the image, instead of building up the print by printing with several plates.

Printmaking allows me to deal with the two important parts of a print: the plate, which contains the image that is going to be printed, and the surface to print, which could be different kind of materials. I like to experiment with materials, printing my plates on felt, mulberry and kitakata paper, fabric, corn husks and others that may be interesting and I can relate to the images I am working and breaking boundaries among different disciplines. Each material gives me the chance to work my images in one or another direction. Working with mulberry paper allows me to transform a print on a piece of transparent cloth that can be hung from the ceiling. Kitakata paper allows me to create a big surface from a sheet of paper which can be sewn or glued. Making books has allowed me to work towards narration and making up stories. Working in sculpture allowed me to work three dimension objects and to deal with new materials.

Nature and animals are my main topic in my artistic work. Animals have a symbolic meaning of strength, freedom, danger, feminine and masculine power. To live in the United States, allowed me to have some knowledge of the Native American culture, which is extraordinary and inspiring because it is art and philosophy of life.

My prints and my art in general are going towards the installation and the object, such books, small sculptures, and big format prints, transforming my personal experiences in a universal language that can be understandable for everybody.

I like to play with the idea of duality, to put two or more images together. This allows the observer to participate in the art work, to make up stories or give a personal significance to the image that I have made.

Ma Teresa Gomez-Martorell