Artworks by Blanche Douglas

Artworks by Blanche Douglas

October 3 - 30, 2014

My method of working involves allowing the medium to inform the subject matter in a kind of dialogue. I may start with an idea in mind, or work the medium until an idea emerges. As I work the idea through the medium I notice something unanticipated emerging. The image takes on a particular shape, or texture, color or light that speaks to me, is different and unanticipated. This inspires me and I feel drawn to follow what it seems to be suggesting. In this way a dialogue occurs between myself, the image and the medium. I view the unintended, enigmatic emergence as the expression of some form of being or way of being. This new image, while unique, is also familiar in some way.--Blanche Douglas

Blanche Douglas was born in South Africa. She majored in Fine Art at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Thereafter she completed post graduate degrees in Art History, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Art Therapy. Her dissertations for an M.A in Psychology and PhD in Psychotherapy investigate how the creative process, created image, and investigative process itself inform understanding, not only of the artist’s psychological self but also the current context within which interpretation itself is being met. The titles of these research studies are `The use of art in the diagnosis and treatment of body boundary disturbance in schizophrenia`, and `Understanding the image in Art Therapy: A Phenomenological-Hermeneutic Investigation`. Blanche studied at New York University for a year before emigrating from South Africa to the United States in December 2000. She currently works in Fort Worth as a mental health counsellor for the United States Navy. She was recently stationed in Japan for three years and while there held an exhibition of her work and attended art classes with sensei Hiroshi Oishi in Japanese sumie painting and other media.

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