Art Talks - Listen!

Art Talks - Listen!

May 3 – May 30, 2013

Colleen Erickson was born in Fort Worth, TX and lives on Lake Weatherford, TX. She took Art in Junior High School in the 7th and 9th grade. She was strongly influenced by her 9th grade Art teacher, Evelyn Denton. Her mother painted as a hobby and she and her Mom studied Saturday mornings with Josephine Mahaffey. During this time Colleen had enrolled at Tarrant County Junior College and was studying Art.

Colleen’s husband was in the Air Force and got transferred to Guam. She joined him there and continued to paint and draw, learning on her own through books. She found a retired Illustrator, Chad Beaubien and studied with him for 6 months. It was there in Guam that she experimented with watercolors, drawing in India ink and then filling the ink drawing with watercolors. She traveled to many of the beautiful locations on the island and painted what she saw.

Eventually, her husband transferred back to Fort Worth, she went back to college studying Art and computers. She completed her education at Texas Christian University, majoring in secondary education with two teaching fields of Art and Computers.

After 3 years in the teaching profession, she left to work at General Dynamics. She retired in 2005 from LM Aero – FW as a System Engineer. In 2001, a friend encouraged her to come to a meeting of the Society of Watercolor Artists. She enjoyed the meeting and became a member. She has been painting watercolors ever since.Colleen has taken workshops with Ann Pember, Rob Erdle, Jerry Steagle, Frank Francese, Arne Westerman, Mark Mehaffey, Doug Prine, Martha Spurlock and studied with Soon Warren. She continues to read and study art. Her paintings are derived from photographs that she takes and include a wide range of subject matter. Painting portraits of her Grandchildren is her favorite subject matter.

Sometimes we can fulfill the dreams we have as a child and sometimes they remain just that, dreams. Being an Artist has always been a dream for me and creating has always been second nature. Whether it is fabric, wood, canvas or paper, I have always enjoyed designing and creating as well as building andpainting. Studying Art teaches an individual to see. It is always easy to see the world that surrounds us, but the real test is seeing within. – Colleen Erickson

Judy Mason Eldridge is a professional artist and has been a teacher for 15 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Her art training began at age 25. Teaching as made all the difference.

Man was meant to create and make a better world around about. The beauty of nature and all the abstract shapes that make up the many objects here on Earth stimulate our creativity. I enjoy finding those abstractions and applying them in my artwork. It gives movement and interest to a surface. It brings entertainment and fulfillment in discovery. It depletes dullness from our existence. – Judy Mason Eldridge

Rosalie Kobetich began drawing at an early age. For a long time, she used only graphite. Then, in 1979 she purchased some oil paints and was hooked! Since then, she has added acrylics, watercolor and now Prismacolor pencil to her choice of media. She is basically self-taught and her subjects are varied. These include portraits, wildlife, landscape and some abstractions. She is currently a member of the Weatherford Art Association and has won awards with them.

My art is very detailed and realistic; my subjects have been described as “emerging” from the paper. Last fall, my watercolor painting of a gorilla, “Simian” won First Place, People’s Choice Award at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden’s Art in the Garden, and “Refuge”, another watercolor, won Third Place. My looser side is apparent in my abstract paintings. “Wrath of Poseidon,” an abstract, won Second Place at the 2008 Peach Festival Art Show. – Rosalie Kobetich