Art of the Heart

Art of the Heart

Pamela Nelon

June 5 - 29, 2015

emotions unearthed

created feelings

passions painted

One horse town. One art teacher. Painting with tempera paints and watercolor (cheapest for small school district) - still lifes, portraits and landscapes under the direction of Miss Krichbaum, my biggest fan.

Years later she attended my show in Dallas...and loved my move to abstract/contemporary art. I love to convey a feeling, a thought, a memory with my paintings. Emotions unearthed, created feelings and passions painted.

Cook Children's Hospital- 1998- created "Art of the Heart", a two hour art class for children with cancer.

Art Show's at several Fort Worth establishments

Gallery Night Showings

Donated several pieces for non-profit fundraising events

Design on Dragon- Artisan Galleries, Dallas TX- 2006

As a realtor with Virginia Cook Realtors, I continue to paint and enjoy immensely the experience of selling a painting to someone who says "I've just got to have it"!!! -- Pamela Nelon