Art Kosova 2019

Art Kosova 2019

April 5 – April 26, 2019

RECEPTION: Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 6 PM - 9 PM

An exhibition of artists from Kosovo featuring painting and architecture.

Fitim Aliu

I developed my creativity in cycles up to date, such as; modern landscapes, portraits, wheels and finally LANDCAPE, VILLAGE and SHATAT (sewer drains) with ZEBRAS (pedestrian crossing). In the last cycle I am trying to express moments of life; ME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW. Through the means of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the zebra stripes can symbolize a day, year, or decade of my life (changes, survival, and triumphs of my life since before the war up to today). Shatat present heads of people migrating. While creating my work I try to present optimistic colors as espressive and creative far from a suburban myths.

Enver Hoxhaj

Due to my work, I always consider a dialogue with the nature. My essential communications with my work is to get the essence of the objects .In a harmonic way my colorful work from the smallest to the biggest dimensions, subject takes the shape of a debate, and always try to dismantle the reality.

Blerta Hyseni

So many times has been said that the world is like a game. And also passion, imagination, ballet and poetry. My works belong to myself, where I try to project the females' optimism and her humanity as a way of living. I have been inspired by artist Edgar Degas, and my creativity, as much as a stylistic visualization, is also meaningful and aesthetic.

Armend Fazliu

Graphic design is one of the Architectural design foundation, since making an Architectural design is not only about technique regulations but is also an artwork. Design that suits technique and arts is the masterpiece. Thinking more about artwork during the design it will make the world better and more feelings will be raised to the people and of course at the end it will contribute more for a better live.

Driton Kukalaj

Through my architecture activities I am trying to combine the arts and hi-tech techniques. Always having in mind the human being. Since the humanity is growing every day, we are destroying our Planet earth with our buildings. By using the hitch techniques I am taking care of our energy saving and with my Colorful art I am trying to give my small contribution to save our home our Planet.