May 5 - May 25, 2017

Reception: May 5, 2017; 6 - 9pm

Adem Rusinovci

I try to invite and inspire others to open and release their own blindness. Others often wonder if my work belongs to a different reality created by my imagination but I believe everyone has their own reality. The picture of the world we see is still steady and unchangeable at first sight. However, the science itself, especially the quantum mechanics, almost dematerializes the matter. In my work, I try to break the blood-red seal of reality and emerge in familiar spaces.

Fitim Aliu

I developed my creativity in cycles up to date, such as; modern landscapes, portraits, wheels and finally SHATAT (sewer drains) with ZEBRAS (pedestrian crossing). In the last cycle I am trying to express moments of life; ME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW. Through the means of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the zebra stripes can symbolize a day, year, or decade of my life (changes, survival, and triumphs of my life since before the war up to today). Shatat present heads of people migrating. While creating my work I try to present optimistic colors as expressive and creative far from a suburban myths.

Genc Rezniqi - "Do work and Live"

In my compositions, you can notice clearly tendencies in creating attractive art for audience, always respecting the geometric shapes which is an significant source of inspiration not only for me but also for the entire mankind.

Hajrush fazliu

I paint my paintings in the form of cycles. I seek to identify and incorporate my ideas in philosophical, social and artistic ways. I came to the realization that the emotional state with colorful landscapes is more intensive for me. I paint mysterious human figures that are unreal and are often transparent or full of color. The magic of creating them is almost as unreal as the daydreams where most of these images are created. Another cycle was inspired by the Kosovo war tragedies such as Albanian towers burning and inhumane massacres committed by the Serbs. My collection unveils an emotional state that bears explosive colors to decorate and excite.

Orges Rusinovci - "Childhood dreams"

Consider how one can fold into the other, intertwining through time and space, unraveling and recombining deep within our thoughts, and then unfold again, yielding new insight. Lately, I have been considering these things. When I was a boy, growing up on the Beautiful Island, life was crowded with experiences and impressions that now seem far removed. A tropical riot of color, air heavy with humidity, the dusty playground, street vendors and crowded markets, the deep blue of the ocean and green of the hillsides – it was a sensuous place to be a kid. All these experiences of the senses – smells, sounds, colors, tastes – still reside evocatively in my memories, as real as life itself.

Valbona Rexhepi - “Dreams, Feelings, Concerns”

Beautiful dream about Free man, mythical aim of the man in time and space, free imagination, all- human drama, urban life facing a living wall are confrontation and a lifelong concern that are suggested with pure emotions, ideas, dreams, passion and meditation. Life is painting and painting is dream which paint the feelings, concerns and myself.