Art by Tilka

Art by Tilka

Santa Barbara Tilka

October 7 - 29, 2016

Reception: October 7, 2016; 6 - 9pm

Santa Barbara Tilka is an Artist as well as a practicing Occupational Therapist. Originally from Cuba, Mrs. Tilka immigrated as a child with her immediate family to the United States. In many of her paintings her use of vibrant colors reflects her heritage.

Throughout her lifetime she has had the privilege of seeing many of her patients improve from insurmountable odds. This has been a great learning experience regarding the strength of the human spirit. Also, she has had to overcome many challenges herself. These obstacles have only served to strengthen her resolve in meeting her goals. She now strongly believes that no matter how bleak a situation, we should never lose Hope. She attributes much of her positive attitude to her strong Faith in God, a great support system, and her passion for life.

Her inspiration is obtained primarily from cheerful and colorful topics, dark and light contrasts, nature, and enjoyable activities such as visiting museums or enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. Up beat music also helps with charging her creative battery. Her favorite medium is Oils, however occasionally she also enjoys working with other mediums. Only the best materials and supplies are used to ensure many years of enjoyment.

To create one of her paintings, Mrs. Tilka relies on one or more of the following: Photographs she has taken herself, some imagination, and sketches produced on location. Some of her paintings are created with a story line in mind and occasionally some humor. The message she tries to convey with many of her paintings is that despite adversity, light can eventually overcome the darkness as long as we don’t lose our Faith and our Hope. If commissioned to do a painting, the artist will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with it, including its frame.