Anem a Sobreviure

Anem a Sobreviure

Ollie Gee

August 5 - 30, 2016

Reception: August 5, 2016; 6 - 9pm

I am an individual in the midst of a consumerist, television obsessed, fast-paced, slow-witted, money-hungry, republican, patriarchal, and God fearing society. I am at the beginning of a life-long career, making just enough money to eek by, warmed by the safety of health insurance and a steady income. I feel trapped by anxiety, debt, student loans, and an inability to save money. When I create art, I remember who I am. I break free from the monotony of the mundane.

My work is about childhood traumas, about female objectification, anger, inadequacy, and about universal, psychological pain. They are a way for me to playfully scrutinize the darker aspects of who I am and explore my feelings and the social consciousness. Occasionally my work is meaningless, made purely for fun, a break from the intense pieces. I create art out of myself with the desire to reconnect with the quieter, hidden aspects of the rest of the population.

My art is meant to share a story that many people also experience but do not necessarily know how to visualize or even vocalize. The feelings of insecurity, turmoil, loneliness, and dissatisfaction are not mine alone to feel, they belong to everyone; I create art in the hopes that people will look at it and talk about things they might not have known how to talk about before; or at least, privately, experience a flicker of understanding within themselves. – Ollie Gee