An Artist Cabaret

An Artist Cabaret

November 7 - 29, 2014

Burl Washington, Edward Washington, Annette Campps, Myrona Hawkins, E.L. Young, and Robert Berry

I personally create each of my watercolor paintings through thought and research of historical documents. My watercolors are a mixture of drybrush and wet-on-wet techniques. I paint on watercolor board, preferably cold press, by laying out the total drawing in detail. After this has been done I proceed with brushing in the various colors until the desired depth and density desired has been accomplished. Then I lift out areas for highlight with a #1 - #3 brush, developing the contrast and form of the painting.

The subject matter originates from a library of my personal photos, memories, imagination and historical research. A mental picture of the entire concept and composition is put into a visual form by a preliminary sketch. After this process, the paint is put to paper or board. No assistants are employed in the creation of my work.

If you have any questions about my paintings or about my watercolor technique, please feel free to ask. --Burl Washington