Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

February 7 – 27, 2014

Participating Artists:

Raul Rodriguez, Blanca Tovar, Estefani Flores-Ortiz, Agust Gonzales, Walter Varela, Madeline Esparza, Celia Cortez, Abraham Cepeda, Jeremy Pesina and Selena Orozsco

About the show:

The exhibition showcases a collection of artists who were instructed by teacher/artist Donna Lässker at North Side High School. Each one of them entered the classroom with Donna at different points of their High School term, but despite the intermittent classes, her influence has motivated them to pursue their artistic endeavors beyond the classroom, after graduation and even into college. The artists now work, study and continue to make art in North Texas, where the base of their artistic education remains collectively impacted by the guidance of Donna Hayen-Lässker.

From the Curator:

Donna really influenced me at North Side and essentially got me into Art. It's because of her I decided to pursue school for Fine Art and after several years at The University of North Texas, I’m glad I had her as an instructor who jump started my enthusiasm. It has been a constant though to showcase a group talented artists who came from the same place. She had always told me about other students who she felt would become amazing artists and I very much though she had this amazing hand in every one of these individual's development, much like my own. This made it very clear why we all did not hesitate to get involved and make this a commemorative showcase. We would like to dedicate this exhibition to Donna Hayen-Lässker and her guidance in and out of the classroom.

-Raul Rodriguez