Molly Sydnor

Dale Brock and Visiting Angels Gallery and

TranSystems Corporation Gallery




Adult-Like is a series of drawings, paintings, and digital illustrations where algorithms create new marketing strategies, and influencer culture meets our dreamlike subconscious. Pinterest’s top reposted images are those of pictures without faces. Do people imagine themselves in a different setting? As children, we spent time in playrooms filled with stimulation — rugs, and walls with bright colors, geometric shapes, patterns, and color everywhere. Adults surround themselves with matching, muted palettes. Ikea furniture is critiqued harshly but accepted. In our twenties, it’s tough not to feel the weird in-between of childhood meeting adulthood. We begin to get excited about buying a vacuum instead of the not so long-ago joy of a lava lamp or inflatable couch. Social media feeds are full of 20-year-old influencers in perfectly staged rooms full of greenery and #adulting. In an Instagram world, everyone seems to live perfect lives.

Adult-Like allows viewers to picture themselves in these settings. The cartoonish figures are sketched without looking as if one is dreaming or placing themselves into the scene by memory. Adult-Like is euphoria, a plant and pattern overloaded scene exploring the space of childhood meeting adulthood. It’s erratic and anxious with unfinished and unconnected lines yet cheerful and fun. Are you remembering something from the past, dreaming, or placing yourself into the narrative of the subject? This series is a subconscious playpen we wish we could escape to after a long day of #adulting.

Molly Sydnor’s work is always about people and conversations. She enjoys the processes driven by hand labor, treating the surfaces with many old and new textile techniques. Through layering and storytelling, her work is interactive, utilizing ideas of the human experience. Sydnor embeds identity and body image in her work to evoke stimulating conversations. She is influenced by human anatomy, its many functions, and how our bodies relate to ourselves and one another. Through the Adult-Like series, she explores expectations versus reality and the duality of childhood and adulthood. What, as children, did we think adults did in juxtaposition to the reality of our adulthood now? As we age, our childish behavior matures, and we sometimes lose the best parts of ourselves. This body of work is an opportunity to merge the two! To be child-like but not childish, to be Adult-Like.

Coloring Sheets

Write a letter to... your child-like self:

As a child, what did you think being an adult would be like?

How can you bring the good things of childhood innocence to the tough adult world?

Write a letter as your younger self to your current self.

What is something you were told as a child by an adult that you carry through adulthood?

Write a letter to prepare your childlike self for your future.

Out of all the "mistakes," you've made, what is one you would not change?

If you would like to include your letter or coloring page in the artist's exhibit, please mail it to:

Molly Sydnor

c/o The Fort Worth Community Arts Center

1300 Gendy Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76107