A Fractional Whole

A Fractional Whole

November 8 - 29, 2013

Mary Rabalais Collins, Carter Johnson Martin, Cari Davis, Sarah Gentry

Mary Rabalais Collins

In this show entitled, “A Fractional Whole” my photographs illustrate how we encounter life’s little digs in our everyday journeys through places like the grocery store, shopping malls, on road trips and simply standing still. I try to find the humor in each situation yet attach emotion through subtle sarcasm to each picture and its title. All of the pieces in this show can hang together in a series or stand out alone for their statement. As we have begun to lose our sense of humor in today’s world, I strive to bring it back in these pieces.

Mary Rabalais Collins was raised in Fort Worth Texas. She attended School at Texas Christian University where she received a Degree in Interior Merchandising with a Minor in Art History. Mary has traveled extensively throughout Europe studying art and art history in museums such as the Louvre, Pompidou Center, British Museum, Vatican Museum and many others. While at Texas Christian University, Mary also attended numerous art classes which have contributed to her love for painting and Photography.

Mary’s style is contemporary, with influences from Cindy Sherman, Annie Leibovitz, Kehinde Wiley, Gerhard Richter, Harold Edgerton, and Andy Warhol, to name a few. Her loves are abstract expressionism, minimalism and impressionism. All are reflected in her latest works.

Recent photography endeavors involve special effects in digital imaging and treatments with such subjects as flowers, running water, tattoo art, subjects that appear to be in motion and self-portraits.

Photographs are printed on metallic paper and then mounted to an aluminum backing. The next step is to heat press acrylic to the photograph for a clear, clean and protective finish. Most works can be combined in stacks, collages or stand alone. They can be constantly rearranged to suit the desires of the owner and to be consistent with the theme of perpetual motion. All of Mary’s series are also available by commission based on the patron’s interests.


Blog: mrcartphoto.com “Velositus”


The creation of art has been always been an important component of my identity.

The subject matter of my paintings is as varied as my interests and the techniques that I employ represent the various skill sets that I have attempted to perfect over time.

One theme found in my work is my fascination with people and the cultural environments that they inhabit.

I am also nourished by vibrant colors and rich textures and will tend to insert them in my paintings when I find them lacking in reality! -- Cari Davis

Sarah Gentry is a native Texan, wife, mother, and born again artist. She has always had an appreciation for art, a colorful imagination and busy hands that like creating. She received a BA in Studio Art from Hollins College in Roanoke, Virginia in 1989.

After getting married, Sarah put her artist dream on hold while her energy went in to family life. She and her family lived in England and France for eight years and resettled back in Ft. Worth in 2005. With her children now grown, she is happily spending her time rediscovering the artist within her.

Encouraged by family and friends, and inspired by a host of teaching artists, Sarah has spent the last few years experimenting with oils and mixed media. She loves the freedom that abstract painting allows and also enjoys painting in a more traditional way. As she continues to develop her own style, her hopes are to create pieces with images and colors that grab the viewer’s eyes and make them discover something different in them each time they look.

Carter Johnson Martin’s photography tends to focus on a deeply intimate observation of the unique beauty of flowers. These photographs are true portraits in every sense of the word. They are also quite unique as the flowers are placed in their abstract settings of reflection, light and shadow, thus allowing the viewer an intimate glimpse of their exquisite beauty. Her work evokes an atmosphere of quiet solitude and deep reflection.

Martin does not recall a time she was not engaged in the creation or study of art. She has continued to develop a love of photography throughout her life and received a BFA in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin.