A Fluid Affair

A Fluid Affair

Ariel Davis

April 8 - 29, 2016

Reception: April 8; 2016; 6 - 9pm

A Fluid Affair is the first solo show for Fort Worth-based artist Ariel Davis. This exhibit debuts Davis’ new series of nonrepresentational ink, acrylic and mixed media artwork that focuses on color, scale, prolificacy, and sensuality.

It is funny how things add up. When I first started making the original small works, they were simply color experiments, and a self-indulgent escape. However, I kept making them, fine-tuning color combinations and media combinations. Each piece became a release and joy during a dark and turbulent period in my life. During that time, my father said to me, “paint what you feel, put it into your work,” and these pieces are the result. All these tiny works are created quickly with intuitive split second decisions, similar to day to day decisions that we all make - I have just done it with paint on paper. It is calculated chaos, sensual color interaction, and emotional energy that I hope you can see. –Ariel Davis