A Book About Death

A Book About Death

October 8 – October 30, 2010

Presented by Cecil Touchon and artists from the Ontological Museum

A Book About Death: An Unbound Book on the Subject of Death

The Ontological Museum is pleased to present a rare opportunity to see A Book About Death, a sprawling, collaborative unbound "book" on the subject of death, curated by Cecil Touchon. The global exhibition honors the late Ray Johnson ( 1927-1995), whose own work inspired this exhibition; Emily Harvey (1941 - 2004); and the artists themselves, who have presented their unique visions of the subject through cobinations of art, photography, and text. Concieved and organized by Matthew Rose, a Paris-based artist, A Book About Death is comprised of artists' postcards from original art created specifically for the exhibit. These pieces collectively form the pages of the "book".

" The project has been compelling for its sheer openness on a topic that is universal," says Caterina Verde, artist and website designer of the "wall" style site for A Book About Death. "to see images submitted from around the world and the cultural permutations of the subject, the variations of temperament, thoughts, aesthetics--- is as we observe ourselves walking through life: Ordinary and extraordinary."