Mary Morgan

January 9 - 30, 2015

My inspiration for this series came during a vacation week enjoying the sights and sounds of Maui. My camera became the recorder for every side trip and my soul continued to sing with each day’s journey as my eyes viewed the land and sea. Some of the series was completed in 2012, some in 2013 and the last piece The Deep Blue Sea 2014. Red and Yellow Hibiscus, The Road to Hana, and Rainforest I and II, were a part of a group show at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC September 2013. This display will be the first showing for the completed series.

I consider the colorful artwork to be playful and full of life, enhanced by the diversity in mediums and processes. My favorite part of my vacation occurred in the evenings when the sun set on the water. I remember the day I began the painting, Then Sings My Soul. As my brush made its first mark, I felt that I had put myself in a time machine and was sitting in Lahaina watching the colors of the sky and water slowly transform into this glorious indescribable sunset. That evening after I left Lahaina, while driving back to Wailea, I encountered the most beautiful moonlit night that I had ever seen. Maui Moon is the encaustic painting I created from experiencing the melding of the night sky with the sea. So many experiences; eating Huli Huli chicken on the beach in Hana was worth the drive on the twisting road and another painting was birthed. The extensive growth as an artist was the most surprising and important part of this journey. Taking risks and embracing the challenge of making the invisible visible and the visible more visible, wasn’t always comfortable and perhaps more frustrating than satisfying. It is through this process of staying the course, not giving up, that has allowed me to be able to complete this series. It is always my desire that you, the viewer, take away something intangible. Perhaps that something is as simple as a new and/or different feeling during the time you spend viewing the show; something that brings a smile to your soul.

Thank you for taking the time to come and experience Maui through my eyes.