2009 TAC Juried Membership Show

2009 TAC Juried Membership Show

August 7 – August 30, 2009

Selected works by members of the Texas Artists Coalition.

2009 TAC Juror: Kevin Vogel

Kevin Vogel has been Director of Valley House Gallery since 1985, as well as Vice President of Valley House Gallery since 1973. Kevin has been a part of numerous boards and associations in the area. He was also the President and founding member of the Dallas Art Dealers Association. Mr. Vogel won the Dallas Visual Art Center'sLegend Award in 1999, and was the co-author and curator of Connoisseurship and the Intaglio Print, which was an educational catalogue about understanding Intaglio prints. Kevin Vogel has also juried a number of art fairs and exhibitions such as Artfest and the Dallas Watercolor Society Exhibit.

Jurors Statement:

Fort Worth is indeed fortunate to have the Fort Worth Community Art Center. Among its many attributes, it performs a significant roll for the artists of Fort Worth by providing a museum level exhibition space were they can exhibit and exchange ideas. For an artist to see their own work hanging on the walls of such a fine venue rather than stacked in a studio can be a cathartic experience. It also provides a venue where out-of-town visitors can see what makes the art produced in the Fort Worth region different from art produced in their own. I would like to give a special thank you to Elaine Taylor who makes the shows run smoothly and for making my job jurying this exhibition so easy.


Our new age has changed the way most competitive exhibitions are juried, at least for the initial cut. For this show, I was asked to jury from digital images. Those who are intimately involved with art know, digital reproductions, slides, photographic prints and all other forms of image reproduction, by their very nature, cannot fully represent an artwork, in less of course, it is the artwork. Too further add to the problem, every computer monitor will display the same image file differently no matter how much work was put into correcting it. A computer monitor can, in most cases, convey the subject of an artwork but can only hint as to actual color, value, texture, paint quality, scale, and other attributes that are often important elements of an artwork. These issues make choosing an exhibition from reproductions challenging to say the least because what you see is not always what you get.

In spite of these inherent problems, I was very impressed with the overall quality of the works submitted. Being given the task of choosing around 30 works from such a strong pool of over 65 artists, most of whom had submitted three works, seemed daunting. After reviewing all of the submissions several times, I concluded that the best way to create the strongest show would be to choose, what I considered, the finest single work submitted from the 30 strongest artists. In the end I found it necessary to choose 31 works.

I am looking forward to reviewing the installed exhibition to see how close the actual artworks I chose compare to what I saw on my computer. I expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Kevin Vogel