Hardy and Betty Sanders Theatre Specifications

Room Area

Room is 40’x47’


Ceiling Height

18’ Floor to Ceiling

16’ Floor to Bottom of Lighting Truss


Stage Flooring

¾” Plywood raised on 1’x4’ slats

Covered by 1/8” tempered hardboard



Maximum Capacity 120 Patrons

3’x8’ Wenger Risers (adjustable and configurable)



Yamaha MG166CX Sound Board

dbx 260 Driverack

QSC CX404 4 Channel Power Amplifier

Tascam 200IB CD player w/IPod dock x2

EAW JF10 Full Range Speakers x4

Sennheiser EW135 G3-A Wireless Handheld Mic x2

Shure SM-58 Microphones x4



ETC Express lighting console


6" Fresnel

Hanging: 36

Storage Racks: 6

Total: 42

ETC Source Four Jr. 26°

Hanging: 4

Storage Racks: 7

Total: 11

ETC Source Four Jr. 36°

Hanging: 0

Storage Racks: 5

Total: 5

ETC S4 Zoom Mini

Hanging: 5

Storage Racks: 9

Total: 14


Dressing Rooms

Private Dressing Room (capacity 2-4)

Community Dressing Room w/Private Dressing Area* (capacity 6-8)



* This space is by request only and is not guaranteed to be available for your production