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An art collective is traditionally defined as a small group of artists from multiple disciplines, backgrounds, and approaches to art who work toward shared goals. It is in that spirit of collaboration that the Fort Worth Community Arts Center is proud to present our Collective Residency Program for art collectives in Fort Worth. The Arts Center and the art collective resident work together to grow the arts in our community by presenting programming, unique exhibitions, and interactive experiences. The selected art collective receives office space in the Arts Center and two guaranteed exhibits. The art collective also collaborates with the Exhibition Manager in organizing two of the Arts Center’s annual arts community-focused events, the Art Aid Expo and the Collective Takeover exhibit. 

2021: art room

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To educate, inspire, and support underrepresented youth and adult artists in the Fort Worth community through a sustainable, programmatic offering of arts education. To transform our visual arts community by making room for art.

2020: House of Iconoclasts

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House of Iconoclasts is a group of artists that aim to destroy the art world status quo; to change the template for artists that have been previously applied. There isn’t a guidebook on how to be an artist nor do you need validation from the art world to create your artistic truth. Our mission is to encourage artists to create their own environments to exist within. As a collective, we create inclusive, interactive experiences to mesh outsider artists with live music, performance art, and site-specific installations through themed art shows. By organizing fun, inspiring, and creative events we hope to reach out to those marginalized and remind them that there are no rules in art. Only a creative celebration of the art, artist and the unique circumstances that have drawn us all into this world.   

2019: Art tooth


Art Tooth is an artist-run, 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves as an art consultancy, artist resource, and community partner in Fort Worth, Dallas, and beyond. Through exhibitions, networking events, educational programs, digital marketing, and strategic partnerships, we aim to elevate the creative practice of local, emerging, and mid-career artists. Art Tooth was founded in 2016 with the intention to create more opportunities for artists in Fort Worth and to build relationships between artists, collectors, and art patrons. By making contemporary art accessible to an increasingly broad and diverse public, we strive to continue to strengthen Dallas-Fort Worth’s reputation as an arts destination.