My work is the embodiment of the sound of heaven, the spirit of the earth, the universe that resonates within me and the tremendous joy of being a part of it all.  

My series of birdcage-like pieces are "perches for the soul". Birdcages have always been like wind chimes to me, and they are the perfect vessel in which to enshrine the spirit of joy, celebration of life, sense of “home” and most of all, the complete freedom I want to embody. This is why I keep all the doors open on each and every piece I make.  

Working with foam sheets, which I hand-cut, enables me to create the kinds of lines and shapes I want. With the series of black pieces, the pliable softness and lightness of the material creates an unexpected contrast to the hard, iron-like appearance. With the white series, the color of the material creates an even lighter and almost transparent appearance when light hits them.  -- Kana Harada


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