by Stormie Parker

September 6 - 27, 2014

 Stormie has spent all the adult years of her life with mud up to her elbows, loving every minute of shaping and coaxing clay into extraordinary objects. A studio-trained potter, she spent the beginning of her career working on the potter’s wheel making every kind of functional ware that one can imagine. About ten years ago she seamlessly slipped into the world of sculpture and landed securely among a bunch of characters with personalities that will make you smile and sometimes laugh out loud. They are JAX, a peculiar name for Jack Rabbits that aren’t your run-of-the-mill hares. These guys have morphed over the years from somewhat ordinary rabbits to animated characters with personalities that remind you of someone you might just know. It’s a big family and it is growing all of the time, with characters like Jon-Jon, a happy go lucky big white crackle raku rabbit, a bunch of goofy Terra Cotta cousins, and some sleek stoneware personalities. Each individual rabbit is unlike any other, there is a personality there in the clay and Stormie says they practically come to life of their own volition. 



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