Faith, Works and Destiny

by F. David Gibson

September 6 – 27, 2014

When I begin a new painting, whether it’s a preconceived idea that is telling a story or a instantaneous flow of lines, shapes and color, I am facing a blank white canvas. It develops and progresses gradually while I am in pursuit of abstract qualities found in natural organic or man made structural objects. I think in my paintings that design elements are the first foundation I organize. The relationships between forms make a dynamic that holds the whole together. One form relates to another, moving in and out through a community of shapes, all equally important. The connections are intertwined to make a balanced whole. The importance of light and dark is also a prime consideration.  In landscapes, light comes from behind, or from on high, suffusing the whole.  In abstract work, I think of that but have even more freedom – often light can come from within the shapes and objects created. I will not feel I have finished a work until all elements have satisfied my sense of completeness. – F. David Gibson