A Way of Remembering

March 4 - 29, 2014

Twelve female abstract painters whose art demonstrates a loose, active brush, curated by Elaine Taylor.

Suzan Cook, Lilian Garcia-Roig, Cynthia Hammett, Mary Clay Hernandez, Julie Lazarus, Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Teri Muse, Harmony Padgett, Winter Rusiloski, Charlotte Seifert, Jennifer Stufflebeam and Mary Vernon.

These paintings by twelve artists are loosely based on the landscape.  The artists explore and explode the structure of land and architecture, the order of the universe, the poetry of place.  They convey snippets of time and the intersections of life in their rawest forms of color, line and shape.  Each artist works in an abstracted method of painting; taking the original source image and breaking it down into gestural brush strokes, broad swaths of color, drips, edges and lines.  A new visual space is created in which the experience of the artist is recorded in energetic marks that speak of passion, and of the moment, frozen and then thawed.  The resulting images both evoke the landscape and belie it, taking the viewer into an inner landscape of thought and memory. --Elaine Taylor




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