Tara Tullos

December 6 – 28, 2013


Within each piece, emotion is represented through color, position, and expression. Sadness, passion, anger, hope, innocence, loneliness, and love; natural feelings we can each relate to and are a part of our human existence. I hope to capture both the feelings we love and the ones that cause us to question our very purpose, but most importantly to extend the message of hope; that through the days of loneliness there will be days of love, in the sadness there will be days of joy, and for those who are victims of injustice one day their innocence will be restored.

‘Being’ is a small word with a heap of meanings. It represents existence in its entirety, it represents our physical flesh and bone, it represents an idea, and it represents something higher. My show ‘Being’ is a representation of each of these. Each piece represents a human being while also evoking emotion and ideas, and with these two elements there is the fact of existence thus pointing to the cause of our existence i.e. God. – Tara Tullos

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