I am interested in creating a story from my own experiences in my work, and the story keeps changing from time to time with my circumstances. The current story is a singing portrait in which I paint friends, family members and myself, which allows me to observe one's face strangely without care. In order to create a singing portrait from each character I carefully watch not only the model's facial expressions and body expressions but also the manner of communication while we spend time together. 

I take photographs on every side in different angles by digital camera as a tool to obtain images. For making portrait sings, I set up the composition close up and arrange the faces with emphasis on parts of the model; and I place the faces from different moments side by side constantly. 

The multi-portrait gives the feeling of movement similar to a stop-action filmstrip even though the trimmed faces are trapped in square boxes with grid lines; moreover there is no actual sound. In my work the faces will be singing in various genres created from the models' personalities, facial and body expressions in my perspective, and, of course, the songs will be interpreted by the audiences' imaginations. The portraits are singing faces with no sound that I hope will be a concert of beautiful harmonies in the gallery. - Unjung Lee



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