October 4 - 30, 2013

A national juried exhibition of artist-made books in various styles, as selected by juror Tracee Robertson, Director of Galleries at the University of North Texas. Artists' books are usually hand-made books in small editions or unique, one-of-a-kind artworks.  Such books may be bound or unbound, may have lettering produced with a printing press, or free-form, may include illustrations or not.  Artists' books tend to incorporate all parts of the book in the creative process - the binding, the lettering, the images, the boards, the pages.  Various media may be used that are not typical materials for books - plants, metal, wood, plastic.  Although artists have participated in producing fine illustrations and lettering for books for centuries, the Artist's Book as a stand-alone artwork is a 20th-century innovation.


Juror’s Statement

My approach in selecting these works included a curatorial look toward a coherent exhibition, with viewers in mind. In the works, I sought craftsmanship and diversity of materials and elements as well as in artists' interpretations of the book form. Intriguingly, the artworks explore, from varied perspectives, how far the book form can be pushed without losing a sense of narrative meaning or the sharing of textual ideas. Also, those ideas or narratives seem to hold conceptual weight, so together with form communicate to the viewer new or different ways to look at experience and the world around us.  – Tracee Roberston





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