Earth & Fire

by Stormie Parker

September 7 - 28, 2013

This exhibit examines the wide range of possibilities of clay as it becomes more than dirt beneath our feet.  Stormie explores the depths of earth, water, and fire, and the transformation that develops through manipulation and alternative firing techniques. She stretches it to become as thin as cloth, rolls up into pieces of string, rope like, and delicate or sharp and jagged, thick and weighty. She explores the endless possibilities that abide in the earth as she coxes it into a new life, forming and shaping it into an assortment of object, showing you just what you don’t expect.

It’s not just about clay, but what grows and lives on the earth that inspires much of her work. Plants whose shadows have been burned into the surface of the clay leaving a ghostly shadow of their existences. Sculpture of wild life, what is sacred to us, and humorous, transforming animals into characters that will make your smile.



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