Winging It by Debbi Pennebaker & Celest Monet

I was born into a family of artists, musicians, and passionate people. Art has influenced me and infused my life with joy since a very young age. I've recently become entranced by birds: their glorious colors and movements. By incorporating the stylized forms of two of my favorite periods of art­­­­–Art Nouveau and Art Deco­–I have found a fresh approach to showcase their elegance and fluidity. My hope is that you, the viewer, will enjoy these paintings in a way that provides a newly inspired look at these stunning creatures, and adds a spark to your own creative view of the world. --  Debbi Pennebaker


I’ve been an artist all my life. At a very young age, I began to use paint as a medium to express my creativity in order to preserve my sanity. When I paint it is the music that moves me. I paint for me not you.  It is great when something in me moves something in you.  -- Celest Monet


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