SoPop with Nick C. Kirk, Jason Chalker, Mike Moffatt and John Worley 

-Nick C. Kirk is a local Fort Worth artist whom creates in a wide variety of mediums in both 2d and 3d works.  His work revolved around ideas of the kitsch, ready-made, manufactured, commercialized pop culture that we live in, as well as issues in morality, politics and religion.  

-Jason Chalker is an illustrator and designer living in Dallas, TX. Jason enjoys pulp art, classic pin-ups and science fiction. He does his best to blend these passions together in his art. 

-John Worley is a Texas native, Graduate from Texas Tech University with a Masters in Art education degree and a BFA. He creates work that is influenced both conceptually and technically by new emerging technologies and mediums.  He is interested in how the technology of today influences the visual language that we as a society use to communicate to one another with and experience through television shows, radio, advertisements, and the internet.


-Mike Moffat: As a product of a TV culture, I try to recreate the emotions felt during a scene from a movie or TV show. It's my way of letting the audience know a little about my personality.


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