Secrets Within

by Magi Calhoun


Each of my works tells a story, sometimes explicit, sometimes less, so, but in each instance the story is there.  And there is always more than one story revealed – at least as many stories as there are viewers, in fact and that’s the way I want it.  I want each work to evoke narratives in the viewer.  I shape the narrative, more or less, with the initial presentation of the imaginative character, the situation presented, the emotion depicted, the form shaped, the color rendered, the material used.  I set the stage fantastical and surreal, but the viewer must take it from there.  In fact, the viewer has no choice.  My works compel the creation of a narrative in the viewer. 


My work deals with the inner world of emotions and dreams.  I like to tell stories with clay -- stories with universal symbols the elicit different responses in different viewers, depending on their own sensibilities, emotions and past experiences.  The virtually edgeless quality of clas forms, unconstrained by preexisting boundaries, fascinates me.  It allows me to create my clay narrataives free-form.  With clay, an edge is not automatically predefined, as with a canvas, which has inherent limitations on conventional shapes.  Clay allows me to play with the tension between two-dimensional and three-dimensional boundaries of both mediums, blur the interfaces, and create narratives that flow from one to the other.  In this way, I can push the limits of what I do with the clas.  Recently, I am adding a fewother elements like cast metal, wax and wood or found objects to keep the creative process fresh and exciting and to constantly challenge myself in he studio.  There is never a dull moment  – Magi Calhoun



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