What IS the nature of things? Do our lives, physical appearance or even frame of mind follow an order in the universe? How do we examine or grasp the issues at hand and in our daily courses? How far does the paradigm of reality extend and at what point do we consider that which exist to be something artificial?

The Nature of Things presents a collection of photographers from the Parallax Photography Club whose work communicates nature as they perceive it.  Life at home, relationships, our biological structure, and our social and cosmic presence can be interpreted in different ways. Photography provides the ability to reflect light and ideas into a physical object, existing in it the interpretation of the natural. Their images extend from the daily occurrences of home life to commentaries on the artificial that poses itself as natural.

Parallax is the University of North Texas Fine Art Photography Club. The College of Visual Art and Design at UNT provides a strong photography program that emphasis in the intellectual, technical and creative growth of students. The Parallax Photo Club assist and support students in the program by organizing exhibitions, collaborations, and events for their members to participate and gain first hand experience in the art setting.

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