I take exception to the concept of photography as a truthful representation of reality. It is an interpretation of the worlds outside and inside, a reconciliation of both and a discovery of their meaning. My photography is the material expression of the ways in which we unwittingly shape the memories of the past and how our past informs our desires for the future.  

Most of the photographs in this series, titled Dreamscapes, are done with a plastic Holga camera with its soft focus, distortions and irregular vignetted corners, as the perfect medium to convey the metaphors of dreams and memories in which a central subject becomes just a topos within a blurred world. In the series, the viewer can see some frequent symbols of elusive or resilient dreams and memories: flying birds, open or closed doors, floating boats and bent trees reaching into the sky with their roots. Surreal events like driving into the sea or drinking from the fountain of the past illustrate the flux of time. These images aim to pull the viewer through the stylistic of the bizarre into considering how common metaphors could materialize into a frightening reality. They invite an exploration of our complex relationship with our inner selves. 

I would like to thank several individuals who contributed for these Dreamscapes to become a reality. Elaine Taylor curated this series with patience and a great eye. My husband Leo Ponti curated it with his heart. And Lara Strother, Mary Gaffney, Melissa Jones and many others contributed their talent as photographic subjects. -- Ellie Ivanova



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