Fibers art by Sherri Woodard Coffey and Pat Souder.

Many artists have been inspired by the continent of Africa and I am no exception.  Africa has a way of never letting go. The bold colors, texture and rhythm of design of the people of Africa combined with natural and discovered objects are part of my work. 

In creating these fiber and tapestry masks and three dimensional pins, I take ordinary objects and create unique one of a kind pieces. 

The whimsy of childhood, the excitement of travel and the surprises of everyday life are the soul of the masks and pins.  They tell my story.  -- Pat Souder


Bold colors and abstract patterns are the driving force in my work.  Whether inspiration comes from the influences of ancient civilizations, forms in nature or modern architectural lines, the result is vibrant color infused with energy.  Each piece tells its own story through the interplay of hand-dyed wool yarns and the varying weaving techniques of tapestry, weft-faced ikat, and gradations of color.  – Sherri Woodard Coffey 


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