Randall Yarbrough is an American-born filmmaker and painter.  For the last ten years Randall has divided his time between Los Angeles and New York City where he has produced several painting series, a feature film called the 'Unknowing', and several unreleased photo projects. 

While taking traditional art classes at Weatherford High School, Yarbrough first learned of the vastness and freedom of artistic liberty.  It was after graduation from Texas Tech University that education through observation began for the artist.  Working within the fashion and film industries the artist began to note the techniques and processes of the professionals.  It was during this time he discovered that there is no limit to what the mind can create with the aid of imagination, collaboration and financial means.  

Yarbrough feels that artists are chosen by the public as advocates of change; to persuade philosophically both political and individual attitudes.  The power of art is profound according to Yarbrough who states that, "Dictators have burned it, governments have banned it, and people have lost their lives over it."  His personal reason for painting is described an innate action as well as a facility through which to express himself where words cannot.  

PAPER DOLLS  is on display from November 11-28 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.  In addition, select works from the past ten years will be present including the Captivity Show and Les Nouvelles de Randall series.  All of these works were recently transported to Texas from New York and Los Angeles.  This is the artist's first show in Texas.


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