Presented by Lanny Quarles

Recently, I have been interested in extended and mediated drawing practices, and the possibilities of cross-pollination within the practices of writing, drawing, sculpture, painting and architecture. Primarily the focus has been the development of a digital approach, but it is not limited to such, and often combines hand-drawn elements. There is an archival element to the production as well, as many of the individual 'marks' within the compositions are stored and can be recombined in any number of series.

Some of the artists and subjects whose works have inspired me in this period have been, Julie Mehretu, Inka Essenhigh, Urban Griffito marks, Geometric Abstraction taken into 3 dimensions or into the traditional representational space of painting,  El Lissitzky’s “Prouns”, chaotic systems,and loosely conceived, ways of portraying anarchy as a dramatic composition,and / or a model of conception itself. -  Lanny Quarles


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