Presented by Cecil Touchon and artists from the Ontological Museum

 International Fluxhibition #4 - Fluxus Amusements, Diversions, Games, Tricks and Puzzles

 The Exhibition consists of more than 120 works of art from 23 countries on 5 continents. Concieved and curated by Cecil Touchon, founding director of the Fluxmuseum. Fluxhibition #4 explores the playful, ephemeral, conceptual, performance based art of the contemporary Fluxus community. Artists created a variety of unique games, puzzles and other artworks inspired by games or amusements.

Works in the present show - the largest of it's kind ever assembled-have in common the general idea of play and joking around. Depending on the personalilty and skill level of the artist, some works are elaborate, some are clever; some are cheesy; some are ironic; some are beautiful; some are lude; taken as a whole, all are entertaining.

Fluxus art often deals with the ephemera and activity of everyday life to create works that subvert the intent of the materials or bend them to another purpose. This might include rendering utilitarian objects useless or creating alternate uses not originally intended inorder to re-invent the world in unexpected ways. The use of chance is common.

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